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Family: Scapaniaceae

Group: Bryophyte, Species

Scientific NameCommon NameSummary
Diplophyllum albicansFairly common leafy liverwort found on rocks and other vertical surfaces. Leaves have two lobes together resembling a mitten with a distinctive thumb. The lack of teeth on the leaf margins helps distinguish it from Scapania bolanderi
Diplophyllum imbricatum
Diplophyllum obtusifolium
Diplophyllum plicatum
Diplophyllum taxifolium
Douinia ovata
Macrodiplophyllum flaccidum
Macrodiplophyllum rubrum
Scapania americana
Scapania bolanderiOne of the more common leafy liverworts found on trunks of conifers, down logs and on mounded humus rich soil. The leaves have a smaller upper (surface) leaf lobe and a larger lower lobe, both with toothed margins.
Scapania curta
Scapania gymnostomophila
Scapania irrigua
Scapania mucronata
Scapania ornithopoidesPreviously found in Beaver Lake hills.
Scapania paludicola
Scapania paludosa
Scapania scandica
Scapania subalpina
Scapania uliginosa
Scapania umbrosa
Scapania undulata

Macrodiplophyllum key: