Scapania bolanderi

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Scapania bolanderi: for more photos, see Sitka Nature Photo Gallery for Scapania bolanderi
Scapania bolanderi: One of the more common leafy liverworts found on trunks of conifers, down logs and on mounded humus rich soil. The leaves have a smaller upper (surface) leaf lobe and a larger lower lobe, both with toothed margins.

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Worley's Map of Collection Records for Scapania bolanderi

Ian Worley

Southeastern Alaska Distribution: Throughout.
Habitat: Common and abundant on stumps, decaying logs and on the bark of living trees. From sea level to the subalpine. In highly insolated sites as well as in shaded forests.
Comments: This is one of the most common and frequently collected bryophytes in southeastern Alaska.

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