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Family: Brachytheciaceae

Group: Bryophyte, Species

Scientific NameCommon NameSummary
Brachythecium albicans
Brachythecium asperrimum
Brachythecium cirrosum
Brachythecium frigidum
Brachythecium oxycladonFNA says: The name Brachythecium oxycladum of American authors but not (Bridel) A. Jaeger has been applied to many specimens that are B. laetum. The range map for "B. laetum show it as not occurring along the west coast. iNaturalist has B. oxycladon synonymized with B. laetum.
Brachythecium plumosum
Brachythecium rivulare
Brachythecium salebrosum
Bryhnia hultenii
Eurhynchiastrum pulchellum
Homalothecium fulgescens
Homalothecium nevadenseFNA range map does not include Alaska
Homalothecium nuttallii
Kindbergia oreganum
Kindbergia praelonga
Sciuro-hypnum latifolium
Sciuro-hypnum reflexum
Sciuro-hypnum starkeiWestern North America is not included on the range map in FNA treatment
Scleropodium cespitansFNA range map does not include Southeast Alaska
Scleropodium obtusifolium