Sciuro-hypnum reflexum

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Sciuro-hypnum reflexum:

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Worley's Map of Collection Records for Brachythecium reflexum pacificum

Ian Worley
[as Brachythecium reflexum pacificum]
Southeastern Alaska Distribution: Known from the Chilkat Mountains (Kurtz, 1885), from a young Sitka Spruce forest on raised beach near Bartlett Cove, Glacier Bay National Monument, Worley and Boas 10222, and from Mud Bay, Chilcoot Inlet, near Haines, Worley 12103.[as B. r. var. pacificum] See Map 144 (The distribution mapped does not include any determinations by the present author.)
Habitat: On the bases of trees, among mosses on forest floors, on decaying wood, and occasionally on rocks. [as B. r. var. pacificum] Although seldom published it appears that the habitat of this variety is on rocks and tree bases from the forest zone to the subalpine.
Comments: Often with sporophytes. The following variety is common throughout.

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