Brachythecium cirrosum

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Brachythecium cirrosum:

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Worley's Map of Collection Records for Cirriphyllum cirrosum

Ian Worley
[as Cirriphyllum cirrosum]
Southeastern Alaska Distribution: Previously known from a few records. Probably throughout.
Habitat: Occurring as scattered strands to festooning mats in humid canyons, gulleys and on damp cliffs; rarely in and on exposed rock ledges. The species is a calcicole and grows from sea level to the lower subalpine.
Comments: Sporophytes have not been seen in the southeastern Alaska material. In the southern portions of its northern American distribution this species generally occurs as isolated or scattered strands; however, in southeastern Alaska, especially in humid canyons, extensive cushions are not uncommon. In these situations the plants are particularly robust and trailing.

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