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Agoseris glauca +The variety found in Southeast is ''dasycephala''  +
Alnus viridis +ssp. ''sinuata''; possibly ''fruticosa'' and/or ''crispa''(?)  +
Amelanchier alnifolia +Varieties ''alnifolia'' and ''semiintegrifolia'' may occur in Southeast  +
Anemone narcissiflora +Three varieties in North America. var. zephyra is limited to the Rocky Mountains in Colorado and Wyoming, and var. villosissima on the Alaska Penninsula and the Aleutian Islands.  +
Antennaria pulcherrima +subspecies ''pulcherrima''  +
Antennaria umbrinella +References suggest this species does not occur in Alaska or may occur right near the border. Not clear to me what taxon Muller may have been referring to.  +
Arabis pycnocarpa +Could not find in FNA treatment - maybe Arabis pycnocarpa? Not sure if this is var. pycnocarpa?  +
Armeria maritima +MCM includes var ''purpurea'' which seems to be a variety of subspecies ''sibirica''  +
Artemisia campestris +Subspecies pacifica occurs in the western states. Subspecies borealis is not recognized by FNA, but is listed in the USDA website.  +
Artemisia norvegica +possibly ssp ''saxatilis'' - FNA has A. norvegica but minimal info. USDA Plants has A. arctica  +
Artemisia tilesii +MCM includes two varieties in her checklist for southeast. The FNA treatment omits all varieties because of the morphological variability of the species.  +
Ascidia callosa +Ascidia columbiana lumped, then split again by Lambert 2001  +
Ascidia columbiana +Long lumped with Ascidia callosa  +


Boechera divaricarpa +''divaricarpa'' is almost certainly misapplied in this case, but it's not clear which species name should apply. See the FNA discussion linked under references below.  +
Boreophyllum aestivale +''Porphyra umbilicalis'' has been misapplied.  +
Braya humilis +Four subspecies listed for North America in FNA.  +
Bromus ciliatus +Hall lists B. richardsonii as a synonym, the Grass Manual on the web treats B. ciliatus and richardsonii as distinct species.  +
Bromus commutatus +USDA-PLANTS lumps this species in with B. racemosa.  +
Bromus richardsonii +There seems to be some disagreement about whether ''B. richardsonii'' is a synonym of ''B. ciliatus''. Neither are shown to occur in Southeast on the Grass Manual, though both get somewhat close.  +


Calamagrostis stricta +C. stricta ssp. inexpansa is the accepted name of C. inexpansa and C. crassiglumis. C. stricta ssp. stricta is the accepted name of C. neglecta.  +
Callitriche heterophylla +Two subspecies may occur. ''C. h. ssp heterophylla'' (formerly ''C. anceps''), and ''C. h. ssp. bolanderi''.  +
Caltha leptosepala +FNA treats ''Caltha biflora'' and ''Caltha leptosepala'' as a single variable species with no subspecies indicated. USDA-PLANTS treats ''C. biflora'' as ''C. l. ssp. howellii''. Both ''C. l. ssp howellii'' and ''C. l. ssp leptosepala'' are indicated to occur in Southeast.  +
Caltha palustris +FNA groups all subspecies together. USDA-PLANTS treats subspecies, with ''C. p var asarifolia'' becoming ''C. p. ssp. palustris''  +
Calypso bulbosa +It's not clear which of the two named subspecies occur here, and it's possible that both do.  +
Cardamine oligosperma +var. ''kamtschatica'' now called ''C. umbellata''  +
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