Calypso bulbosa

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Fairy Slipper: for more photos, see Sitka Nature Photo Gallery for Calypso bulbosa
Fairy Slipper (Calypso bulbosa): Based on collections and reports, this species seems to be found almost entirely in spruce forests near shorelines, primarily on small islands (though it is abundant in locations on Kruzof Island near Sitka). One collection inland from Haines is an exception. These are presumed to be var. occidentalis though the FNA distribution map does not have this species occurring much in our region. Do our restricted coastal populations possibly show genetic evidence of separation from the rest of the species throughout the bulk of its range?

A few scattered collections from the region - primarily from the islands.

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Other References

  • Muller: gen; mossy forest, forest near beach
  • Hall 2010: "Deeply shaded and beach fringe forests especially on small islands. Uncommon to rare in southeastern Alaska."

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