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Abies amabilis +Known from the extreme southeastern part of the region. A handful of collections from [[Revillagigedo Island]] and the mainland south of there.  +
Abies lasiocarpa +Reported (and rumored) from scattered (sometimes isolated) locations throughout much of the region, collections of this species come from three primary areas, the coast mountains east of [[Lynn Canal]], the coast mountains near [[Hyder]], southern outer islands - [[Dall Island|Dall]] and [[Prince of Wales Island|Prince of Wales]].  +
Acanthodoris nanaimoensis +This nudibranch feeds on colonial ascidians and bryozoans, and can be found in the intertidal area. It is easily recognized by the brown or reddish gills and rhinophores. At first sight, it may look somewhat like [[Marsenina stearnsii|Stearn's ear-shell (''Marsenina stearnsii'')]], which also feeds on colonial ascidians, but this species has little flecks on the body, rather than pits.  +
Acantholumpenus mackayi +Collected from [[Yakutat Bay]] in 1932.  +
Acer glabrum +One of the few species of deciduous trees found in southeastern Alaska. Douglas Maple can be locally common (Shaman Island near Douglas), but for the most part maple tends to be unusual to rare. Widely collected from north to south, there are no collections from the outer coast. (''Does it prefer a somewhat less than hypermaritime climate, or is it just poorly documented?'')  +
Achillea millefolium +Perennial aromatic herb with finely dissected leaves and small white compound flowers commonly found in meadows, cliffs and well drained disturbed locations from sea level to subalpine. Collections from throughout the region.  +
Achillea ptarmica +Apparently no more than a couple of collections from the region. One in arctos (from an old garden site at False Island on Chichagof Island). In addition, AKEPIC includes reports from Gustavus, Juneau, and the Stikine River (or Zarembo, georeferenced location and description do not match).  +
Acipenser medirostris +Marine and estuarine waters in the region (it is not known to spawn here).  +
Acipenser transmontanus +Expected throughout the region in marine waters. Not known to spawn here.  +
Acleris bowmanana +Haines  +
Acleris britannia +Haines  +
Acleris curvalana +Possible report from [[Sitka]] could use additional confirmation - apparently no other reports from the state.  +
Acleris gloveranus +Haines  +
Acleris maccana +Haines  +
Acleris nigrolinea +Haines  +
Acmaea mitra +This limpet is often found on rocks in the mid- to low- intertidal, where it eats the same coralline algae that often adorn its highly domed shell. When found on the beach, its shell is strikingly white and tall, compared to those of other common limpets.  +
Aconitum delphiniifolium +Uncommon perennial herb most often found in subalpine meadows, but also along creeksides, and rarely forest openings. Deeply lobed palmate leaves and showy helmet-shaped blue to purple flowers make this poisonous plant quite distinctive. Collections from cross the region in ARCTOS, though records appear to be lacking from the central mainland and inner islands (it's possible there are addition non-georeferenced records fromm those areas).  +
Acrobasis tricolorella +Haines  +
Acroscyphus sphaerophoroides +Found by Ellen Anderson in the alpine on isolated rock outcrops above Green's Creek mine on Admiralty Island. (Possibly spread via bird feet?). PacNW database shows only two other collections from the west coast (one from BC, one from WA). Only six occurrences reported from NA (and potentially rare globally) []  +
Actaea rubra +Uncommon to Fairly Common plant of open low to mid elevation forests, river edges, and beach meadows. Can be found with red or white berries, all quite poisonous. Collections in ARCTOS from across the region, though relatively few from the outer coast.  +
Adaina montanus +Haines  +
Adiantum aleuticum +Perennial fern with fan-shaped delicate fronds common on wet cliffs and forested wet areas, especially on slopes and rocky areas. Expected throughout the region, except possibly the far northern parts ([ FNA map]), this species has been collected (in Arctos as ''A. pedatum'') widely throughout the region south of [[Juneau]] and [[Icy Strait]], though most collections appear to be from islands.  +
Adoxa moschatellina +No collections in arctos from Southeast Alaska (though the species is widespread throughout much of the rest of the state). A single collection from Juneau (in 1952) is included on the e-Flora BC map. There is also a collection from Mile 83 of the Haines highway just across the border.  +
Aegialites debilis +Easily overlooked but possibly common beetle of the [[splash zone|Splash Zone]]. Mostly easily found by lifting flaking rock in the [[Verrucaria maura]] band.  +
Aegires albopunctatus +A specimen of this small nudibranch species lived in the [[Ahlgren Aquarium|Molly Ahlgren Aquarium]] in [[Sitka]] in the spring of 2011, where it probably entered as a larva with the raw seawater.  +
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