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Cardamine angulataThis species is a Pacific Northwest Coast endemic known primarily from northern California to Washington. In British Columbia it has been reported only on the far southern coast of Vancouver Island and on Haida Gwaii. So far in Southeast Alaska it has been found near Craig on the southern outer coast.
Cardamine bellidifoliaMost collections are from the northern mainland along from alpine or glacier associated areas. The only island collections are from Baranof Island and Chichagof Island. A single collection from the southern mainland, but given the overall range of this species, it probably occurs throughout in suitable habitat.
Cardamine breweriThere are no collections in ARCTOS nor indicated on e-Flora BC of this species from Alasa. However, it was included on the preliminary checklist for Southeast Alaska, as well as in Hall's treatment. Not included in Hulten, but is listed in Anderson.
Cardamine nymaniiFormerly C. pratensis ssp angustifolia. There are no collections in ARCTOS (as C. p. angustifolia) from near Southeast Alaska (with many from more northern and western regions). E-flora BC maps have a few records from northern BC, the nearest to our region being at southern Atlin Lake. There are collections of Cuckoo Flower (Cardamine pratensis) - which FNA doesn't indicate occurs in Alaska - from near Yakutat and just across the border from Haines - but the subspecies was not indicated.
Cardamine occidentalisAlthough Alaska is included in the range of this species in the FNA treatment and it was also included in the preliminary checklist, there are no collections of this species in ARCTOS, nor any indicated on the e-Flora BC maps from anywhere near the region. This a plant later identified as this species was photographed (but not turned into a permanent collection) along the former upper Blue Lake mud flat.
Cardamine oligospermaIt is unclear whether this species occurs in the region. The range given in FNA includes British Columbia, but not Alaska. Hall's treatment suggests she is referring to the former kamtschatica variety, now known as Umbel Bittercress (Cardamine umbellata) in FNA treatment. Collection records in ARCTOS that show up in a search for this species all are currently identified as C. umbellata. However, e-Flora BC map includes records from through out the province (though it apperas C. umbellata is maintained as C. o. kamtschatica in those records).
Cardamine pensylvanicaAbundance is unclear. Only two collections in ARCTOS - both from southern mainland (as C. pennsylvanica). It has been suggested the collections may be mis-identified C. flexuosa see note here:
Cardamine pratensisRange in FNA treatment indicates this species is primarily from the northeast part of North America though it is also found in British Columbia in the west (though stated range does not include Alaska). FNA also suggests most (if not all) populations of this species are introduced from Europe. Alaska records may be of a former subspecies that is now called Northern Field Bittercress (Cardamine nymanii). ARCTOS has collections (not identified to subspecies) from near Yakutat (including one just across the border in Yukon Territory).
Cardamine umbellataMany collections from throughout the region.