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Family: Ranunculaceae

Group: Vascular Plant, Species

Scientific NameCommon NameSummary
Aconitum delphiniifoliumMonkshoodUncommon perennial herb most often found in subalpine meadows, but also along creeksides, and rarely forest openings. Deeply lobed palmate leaves and showy helmet-shaped blue to purple flowers make this poisonous plant quite distinctive. Collections from cross the region in ARCTOS, though records appear to be lacking from the central mainland and inner islands (it's possible there are addition non-georeferenced records fromm those areas).
Actaea rubraBaneberryUncommon to Fairly Common plant of open low to mid elevation forests, river edges, and beach meadows. Can be found with red or white berries, all quite poisonous. Collections in ARCTOS from across the region, though relatively few from the outer coast.
Anemone drummondiiAlpine AnemoneNo collections reported from the region in ARCTOS. Collection from near the border (on the BC side) outside of Haines mapped on eFlora BC map
Anemone multifidaCut-leaf AnemoneGeoreferenced collections in ARCTOS from the northern half of the region, including Admiralty Island (southeast), Chichagof Island (north east), Glacier Bay, northwest of Haines, and around Yakutat.
Anemone narcissifloraNarcissus-flowered AnemoneFairly common early blooming herb with showy white flowers and divided leaves found in subalpine to alpine meadows just at and above treeline. Collections in ARCTOS from across the region, though all but two (georeferenced collections) are from mid-Baranof Island northward (and none from Admiralty).
Anemone parvifloraNorthern AnemoneCollections in ARCTOS from the northern mainland, Chichagof Island, the southern outer Islands, and one near Hyder.
Anemone richardsoniiYellow AnemoneYellow-flowered plant of meadows and mountains. Collections in ARCTOS from the northern inside mainland and northeast Chichagof Island.
Aquilegia brevistylaBlue ColumbineFNA Range map indicates that this species barely gets into southeast. No collections in ARCTOS of this species. Hulten indicates a collection record from the vicinity of Skagway. The overall distribution of this species seems distinctly continental.
Aquilegia flavescensYellow ColumbineA single collection in ARCTOS from a tributary creek of the lower Taku River. This observation appears to be well outside the expected range for this species.
Aquilegia formosaColumbineFairly common plant of open places, including beach meadows, road sides, gravel bars, and subalpine meadows. Collections in ARCTOS from across the region.
Caltha leptosepalaMountain Marsh-marigoldUncommon plant of wet subalpine or alpine meadows. Collections in ARCTOS from across the region (with some gaps).
Caltha natansFloating Marsh-marigoldAlthough Hall included this species in her treatment, the FNA range map does not show it occurring near Southeast Alaska. There are no (georeferenced) records of this species in ARCTOS from within a couple of hundred miles of the region.
Caltha palustrisYellow Marsh-marigoldCollections in ARCTOS from across the region, though mostly from the northern mainland and southern inside areas. No (georeferenced) collections from Admiralty or Baranof Islands, and only one each from Prince of Wales and Chichagof Islands.
Coptis aspleniifoliaFern-leaf GoldthreadLocally abundant wintergreen herb of open forest areas. Flowers are present relatively early, and are easy to overlook. Leaves are not always present at the time of blooming.

Collections (georferenced) in ARCTOS from much of the region, though none from the gulf coast nor from Prince of Wales Island.

Pacific Northwest coastal endemic (southern BC to Southcentral Alaska).
Coptis trifoliaThree-leaf GoldthreadCommon small herb with shiny tri-partite leaves found in muskegs. Collections in ARCTOS from across the region, though few from the outside islands.
Delphinium glaucumGlaucous LarkspurTwo (georeferenced) collections in ARCTOS, both from the mainland between Haines and the border with Canada.
Pulsatilla patensPasque flowerNo reports of this species collections in ARCTOS from the region, though e-Flora BC maps indicate records from not far across the border north and east of Lynn Canal.
Ranunculus abortivusLittleleaf ButtercupA single 1940 collection (on two sheets) made in/around Juneau is the only record from the region in ARCTOS. Given the lack of subsequent records, and the primary range (Rocky Mountains and east though there is a disjunct population on the Kenai Peninsula) this species may not be established in the region.
Ranunculus acrisTall ButtercupApparently only a few collections from the region (ARCTOS), there are many reports from communities across the region in AKEPIC database.
Ranunculus aquatilisWater CrowfootCollections in ARCTOS from southern Southeast Alaska, Chichagof Island, one collection from northern Baranof Island, one collection from upper Lynn Canal, and collections from the Yakutat area.
Ranunculus cooleyaeCooley's ButtercupMost common buttercup in subalpine/alpine meadows. Though most sources do not indicate it, this species is also found less commonly at lower elevations. The pattern of distribution at lower elevations is not entirely clear, but it seems fast moving streams - perhaps restricted to locations where cold and/or snowy winters are the norm.

Collections from across the region in ARCTOS, though only from the far southern mainland in the southern half.

Pacific Northwest Endemic (primarily coastal)
Ranunculus cymbalariaShore ButtercupScattered collections in ARCTOS from across the region, with the only collections from the outer coast in the area of Yakutat. (A single collection from Sitkoh Bay on the east side of Chichagof Island is the only one from the outer islands.)
Ranunculus eschscholtziiSubalpine ButtercupThis species is widespread throughout the region, primarily in subalpine and lower alpine locations. Collections in ARCTOS from across the region.
Ranunculus flammulaSpearwortCollections in ARCTOS are mostly from the southern third of the region, but also two from the outer coast of Baranof Island, and a couple near Yakutat.
Ranunculus gelidusWetslope ButtercupAll though included on the preliminary checklist and included in Hall's 2010 treatment, there appear to be no collections in ARCTOS from the region. The closes collections indicated in eFlora BC are from the continental side of the coast range.
Ranunculus gmeliniiSmall Yellow Water-buttercupA single collection in ARCTOS from Farm Island in lower part of the Stikine River.
Ranunculus hyperboreusArctic ButtercupA single (georeferenced) collection in ARCTOS from the region at White Pass outside of Skagway. E-flora BC indicates a collection from BC near the border along the Haines highway.
Ranunculus lapponicusLapland ButtercupNo collections in ARCTOS from the region, but Hulten indicates a record from near White Pass (though it may be in BC).
Ranunculus macouniiMacoun's ButtercupOnly two collections in ARCTOS from the region, one on Prince of Wales, one from the Taku River.
Ranunculus nivalisSnow ButtercupPrimarily a species from the interior side of the coast range. Collections in ARCTOS from near the border north of Skagway. This species has also been collected just on the Canadian side of the border outside of Haines.
Ranunculus occidentalisWestern Buttercupvarieties in the region? per FNA, perhaps brevistylis/occidentalis and nelsonii? Plants with many extra petals have been found on Kruzof Island, but subspecies hexasepalus said to be restricted to Haida Gwaii.

Collections in ARCTOS from across the region. Though few collections from Prince of Wales and the northern gulf coast.

Check beak of achenes (even immature); this species should have curved beaks
Ranunculus orthorhynchusStraight-beak ButtercupA few collections in ARCTOS, most from the southern part of the region, with one from the Juneau area. FNA distribution map indicates the northern edge of the range of this species is expected to be in Southeast Alaska.
Ranunculus pacificusPacific ButtercupEndemic to Southeast Alaska.

Collections in ARCTOS from Yakutat south to northern Prince of Wales Island and Noyes Island (including inside locations as well).

Beaks of achenes should be straight
Ranunculus pedatifidusNorthern ButtercupIncluded in the preliminary checklist, there are no collections of this species from the region in ARCTOS. The nearest collection indicated in eFlora BC is near Carcross in Canada, north of Skagway.
Ranunculus pensylvanicusPennsylvania ButtercupIncluded in the preliminary checklist based on a report from Ketchikan and from Juneau in Hulten. FNA distribution map includes much of Southeast Alaska, but there are no collections from the region (nor anywhere especially close) in ARCTOS.
Ranunculus pygmaeusPygmy ButtercupA single georeferenced collection in ARCTOS from the region in the vicinity of White Pass. One (as yet unconfirmed) report (with photo) from Baranof Island.
Ranunculus repensCreeping ButtercupCollections in ARCTOS and/or reports in AKEPIC from across the region where there has been significant human impact.
Ranunculus uncinatusLittle ButtercupCollections in ARCTOS (georeferenced) from across the region, though concentrated in the southern portion.
Thalictrum alpinumAlpine MeadowrueA few (georeferenced) collections in ARCTOS from the region. Primarily from Chichagof Island north (and none on the northern gulf coast), but three from the southern half, including Dall Island, Prince of Wales Island, and the mainland.
Thalictrum occidentaleWestern MeadowrueFNA map indicates much of Southeast Alaska is included in the range, though collections in ARCTOS are all from Prince of Wales Island or from Hyder. Species to check for evidence of persistence in refugia during past ice age?
Thalictrum sparsiflorumFew-flowered MeadowrueCollections in ARCTOS from the mainland, primarily from Juneau northward, but also one from the Stikine River mouth.
Thalictrum venulosumVeiny MeadowrueNo collections in ARCTOS, but FNA map indicates range could include areas north of Skagway in the vicinity of White Pass.