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Abies amabilis +Scattered small populations (where it can be locally abundant) east and south of [[Ketchikan]] on well drained soils away from salt spray up to 1500 ft elevation.  +
Abies amabilis +S & E; forests  +
Abies lasiocarpa +Scattered populations throughout southeastern Alaska with largest populations in [[Misty Fjords]] and a pure stand northeast of [[Skagway]]. Isolated relict populations have been found high on mountains of northern [[Prince of Wales]] and central [[Dall Island]].  +
Abies lasiocarpa +gen; interior valleys, forests  +
Acer glabrum +gen; forest edge along beaches  +
Acer glabrum +Occasional throughout the region along banks of streams and beach forests.  +
Achillea millefolium +Common; beaches, meadows, and roadsides.  +
Achillea millefolium +general; beach meadows, common  +
Achillea ptarmica +gen; open places, intro  +
Acipenser medirostris +Mapped as occurring throughout much of the region other than [[Northern Gulf Coast]]  +
Acipenser transmontanus +Mapped as occurring throughout the region; though apparently few well-documented records.  +
Acleris effractana +[[Haines]] (among other places in the state).  +
Aconitum delphiniifolium +gen; meadows, mountain meadows  +
Aconitum delphiniifolium +"Meadows and along streams to alpine. Common."  +
Actaea rubra +"Stream banks, forests, beaches and open slopes. Common."  +
Actaea rubra +gen; forests, streambanks  +
Actebia fennica +Interior and Kenai Peninsula  +
Adaina montanus +Indicates this is Eastern NA species  +
Adiantum aleuticum +'''[as ''A. pedatum'']''' Occasional to common on wet areas including wet rock cliffs, stream banks and the spray zone of waterfalls. Often on humus-covered talus slopes and moist limestone soils.  +
Adiantum aleuticum +'''[as ''A. pedatum'']''' gen; wet areas, wet rockcliffs  +
Adoxa moschatellina +Not treated  +
Adoxa moschatellina +TBE NE; forest  +
Agonomalus mozinoi +(as ''Hypsagonus mozinoi'') Reported but unconfirmed from near [[Sitka]], confirmed reports from just south of the border.  +
Agoseris aurantiaca +Glacier Bay and head of Lynn Canal; ncommon in mountain meadows.  +
Agoseris aurantiaca +N & E; mountain meadows  +
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