Metzgeria leptoneura

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Metzgeria leptoneura: Located at least once on Kruzof Island.

rounded growing tips (Metzgeria temperata is pointed);

curled hairs (Metzgeria conjugata is straight)

Local Notes

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Other References

Ian Worley
[as Metzgeria hamata]
Southeastern Alaska Distribution: Probably throughout, though somewhat local and scarce.
Habitat: Probably a calciphyte in southeastern Alaska. Usually on the faces of humid cliffs or canyon walls. A single strand was located in other bryophytes in a muskeg in Kruzof Island. In British Columbia the species has also been reported from among grasses of more open sites from sea level to the subalpine (Schofield 1968b).
Comments: Sporophytes and gemmae have not been seen in western North American material.

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