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Family: Equisetaceae

Group: Vascular Plant, Species

Scientific NameCommon NameSummary
Equisetum arvenseCommon HorsetailAlmost certainly common throughout the region in open or disturbed areas from low elevation to the subalpine. Extensive areas of the region have few or no collections of this species (perhaps because of its ubiquity).
Equisetum fluviatileSwamp HorsetailExpected throughout the region. Probably more widespread than collections (scattered, mostly on the mainland) may indicate. May be abundant where it grows in shallow waters or marshy habitats.
Equisetum hyemaleCommon Scouring-rushExpected throughout the region, though apparently very few collections (note: Arctos has E. hiemale for some records; and many that are not georeferenced that may include SE Alaska material).
Equisetum palustreMarsh HorsetailExpected throughout the region (FNA Range map), this species has apparently only been collected from a few scattered locations on the mainland in Southeast Alaska (pending review of many non-georeferenced records in Arctos).
Equisetum pratenseMeadow HorsetailExpected throughout the region (FNA map), but apparently very few collections (pending review of non-georeferenced arctos records). Has been reported from Coronation Island and Chichagof Island.
Equisetum scirpoidesDwarf ScouringrushExpected to occur on the northern mainland and outer islands (FNA map). Apparently few, if any, collections from the region (pending review of non-georeferenced records in Arctos)
Equisetum sylvaticumWoodland horsetailExpected on northern mainland and southern outer islands (FNA map). Few collections from the region (pending review of many non-georeferenced arctos records).
Equisetum telmateiaGiant HorsetailExpected on the outer islands (FNA map), it is unclear on what basis this inclusion was made. Reported from Haida Gwaii south of the region, but no reports of this species in Southeast Alaska have yet been discovered.
Equisetum variegatumVariegated Scouring-rushFound throughout with several collections made from throughout the region. Scattered in occurrence but sometimes abundant where it is found.
Equisetum x litoraleHorsetail HybridExpected throughout the region (FNA map) it is unclear how often this hybrid between E. arvense and E. fluviatile occurs.