Trilophozia quinquedentata

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Trilophozia quinquedentata:

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Worley's Map of Collection Records for Tritomaria quinquedentata

Ian Worley
[as Tritomaria quinquedentata]
Southeastern Alaska Distribution: See Map 115. Throughout. [as T. q. turgida] Sitka and Skagway (Persson, 1947)
Habitat: In southeastern Alaska the species is found from near sea level to the subalpine in a variety of environments. Not infrequently it grows as strands among other bryophytes in subalpine meadows, especially when associated with rock outcrops. Also in gorges, on cutbanks, soil over highly insolated rocks, and other “disturbed” habitats. [as T. q. turgida] (From Schuster, 1969) Usually growing in fens, bogs, or wet polygon ground.
Comments: The variety turgida is also reported from southeastern Alaska. [as T. q. turgida] The Sitka record is the most southerly in North America.

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