Rhizomnium andrewsianum

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Rhizomnium andrewsianum:

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  • FNA page for Rhizomnium andrewsianum characterized by diminutive plants with small, reddish to reddish brown, erect leaves, sometimes resembling species of leafy liverworts, especially when mixed with other mosses. The stems are often sinuate at maturity. The leaves are arched with the apex folded upwards towards the stem and margins reflexed when dry, and more or less erect along the stem when moist.

Other References

Ian Worley

Southeastern Alaska Distribution: Known only from near Crystal Lake above Blind Slough, S of Petersburg, Mitkof Island, Worlley 8466.
Habitat: Arctic tundra, swamps, bogs, springs, peaty banks, generally wherever there is a beaty substrate flushed with seeping water.
Comments: Occaisonally with sporophytes. The southeastern Alaska collection is the southernmost on the coast.

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