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Family: Primulaceae

Group: Vascular Plant, Species

Scientific NameCommon NameSummary
Androsace chamaejasmeSweet-flowered fairy-candelabraFour collections in ARCTOS, all from the southern outer islands. The Southeast Alaska records appear to be hundreds of miles from any others. Is this evidence of a population that survived in a glacial refugia during the last ice age?
Androsace septentrionalisPygmyflower rockjasmineNo collections of this species in ARCTOS from the region. Hulten indicates collections form near the northern border (though resolution of the map is insufficient to tell which side they are on).
Dodecatheon frigidumNorthern shooting starLess than a handful of collections georeferenced in ARCTOS from the northern mainland (mountains at the north end of Lynn Canal), plus one (1959) outlying record from Woronkofski Island alpine.
Dodecatheon jeffreyiTall Mountain Shooting-starPerennial herb with sweet smelling flowers frequent in bogs at mid to upper elevations and fen-like muskegs at lower elevations. Collections in ARCTOS from across much of the region, though most are from the outer coast.Collections also from the southern inner islands and Juneau.
Dodecatheon pulchellumDark-throated Shooting-starPerennial herb freqently found primarily in estuary meadows and above the high tide line on beaches. Has also been found at higher elevation meadows around Juneau, Takhin ridge west of Haines, and at least once on NW Chichagof Island. (Associated with calcareous at upland sites?) Collections in ARCTOS from throughout the region.
Primula cuneifoliaWedge-leaf PrimroseSmall herb of dry subalpine tundra that is easily overlooked when not in bloom. Seems to be somewhat patchy in occurrence with many plants present in limited areas. Probably uncommon overall. A few (georeferenced) collections in ARCTOS, mostly from the northern mainland (Juneau and upper Lynn Canal), also one from Prince of Wales Island.
Primula egaliksensisGreenland PrimroseCollections in ARCTOS from northern mainland including Taku Inlet, Haines, Gustavus, and Yakutat.
Primula incanaSilvery PrimroseApparently no collections of this species from the region in ARCTOS.

FNA indicates Alaskan records of P. stricta (an eastern NA species) should be P. incana, P. avilensis, or P. borealis. P. incana is the only one with records from anywhere close to Southeast Alaska (southern Yukon, and interior BC).

Hulten has a record of P. stricta from near the border (difficult to say which side) between Haines and Skagway.
Primula pumilaArctic PrimroseOnly three collections from the region in ARCTOS, all west Chichagof Island (Whitestripe Lake and Rust Lake). Also known from Starrigavan Ridge on Baranof Island.

See also Myrsinaceae