Philonotis seriata

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Philonotis seriata: FNA indicates this species only occurs in Greenland in North America

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  • BFNA page for Philonotis seriata Philonotis seriata is an Old World species that enters the flora area only in southern Greenland. It is allied with P. fontana, including having obtuse inner perigonial leaves, but differs in the seriate stem leaves and the costa that is scabrous on the back throughout. According to S. Flowers (1935), authentic P. seriata does not occur on the North American continent.

Other References

Ian Worley

Southeastern Alaska Distribution: Known only from Juneau (Holzinger and Frye, 1921).
Habitat: Wet soils, stream banks, by springs, in seeps, etc.
Comments: Frequently with sporophytes. The Alaskan and Greenland plants may not be the same as the European material (Grout, 1928-40; Podpera, 1954; Persson, 1954).

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