Mnium thomsonii

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Mnium thomsonii:

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  • FNA page for Mnium thomsonii Mnium thomsonii is morphologically variable, especially in leaf shape, degree and type of marginal toothing, and costal length and toothing. Small plants often lack costal teeth and margins can be nearly smooth. However, the small laminal cells, the smallest in the genus, are diagnostic. The name M. orthorrhychum Müller Hal., often used for this taxon, is an illegitimate homonym (T. J. Koponen 1972).

Other References

Worley's Map of Collection Records for Mnium orthorrhynchum

Ian Worley
[as Mnium orthorrhynchum]
Southeastern Alaska Distribution: See Map 268.
Habitat: on soil, earth-covered rocks and cliff crevices, from sea level to the subalpine, most common in calcareous sites.
Comments: Occasionally with sporophytes.

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Correct name appears to be either M. thomsonii or Atrichum tenellum