Lumbrineris luti

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Earthworm-like seaworm (Lumbrineris luti): Species identification of this worm requires close inspection of the hind "legs," but genus identification is a little easier. There are three groups of earthworm-looking polychaete worms in this region. Just press down just behind where the worm's head would be if it had one, and it will promptly evert its pharynx in a very Hollywoodian "scary movie" fashion. Now look at the "teeth":

Lumbrineris worms have two different pairs of jaws, which are arranged on the same plane.

Glycera spp. look like Lumbrineris worms, except that when you press down behind their head and they evert their pharynx you can see four creepy little dark teeth arranged around the outer circle.

As for Nereis procera, it has only two jaws, which come together in a pinching motion.

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