Herbertus dicranus

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Herbertus dicranus: Several collections have been made in the Sitka area.

Leaves are lobed 1/2 or less of the overall leaf length

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Worley's Map of Collection Records for Herberta himalayana

Ian Worley
[as Herberta himalayana]
Southeastern Alaska Distribution: Widespread and not uncommon in the “Wet Climate” zone. New to Alaska.
Habitat: From a variety of habitats in southeastern Alaska; commonly in peatlands, on peat banks, among Sphagnum, on stumps in bogs, festooning rocks and heather slopes and boggy sites on exposed knobs; also in shaded canyons; rarely overhanging sea cliffs or rocks. Only from the “Wet Climate” zone.
Comments: This hepatic is distinctive in southeastern Alaska and offers little problem with recognition.

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