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Possible additions (based on names in PacNW herbarium database) -

  • Herbertus hutchinsiae (Gottsche & Rabenh.) A. Evans [3 specimens from WTU] (looks like a ssp of H. aduncus? Though ITIS accepts this name [1]) two 1913 records of this species
  • Herbertus sakurai (Warnst.) Hatt. [2 specimens from UBC] (ITIS indicates synonymous with H. dicranus [2])
  • Herbertus sakuraii (Warnst.) Hatt. [80 specimens from NY, UBC] (ITIS indicates synonymous with H. dicranus [3])
  • Herbertus sendtneri (Nees) Evans [12 specimens from NY, UBC] (possible mis-id? Only one record from the region, a collection by Worley, and he did not treat this species)

Family: Herbertaceae

Group: Bryophyte, Species

Scientific NameCommon NameSummary
Herbertus aduncusCommon epiphyte, also found on the ground in peatlands. Worley shows records throughout much of the region. PacNW herbarium database shows collections primarily from the southern half.
Herbertus dicranusSeveral collections have been made in the Sitka area. Leaves are lobed 1/2 or less of the overall leaf length