Haloclina (Reniera) sp. A

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Purple encrusting sponge:
Purple encrusting sponge (Haloclina sp. A): This is the common purple, sometimes more orange, encrusting sponge that is found at low tide in more protected areas. It lives higher than most sponges in our area, and in calmer waters than the Crumb-of-bread sponge (Halichondria panicea).

The Name Haliclona permollis is frequently encountered in the literature, but is no longer accepted. It was apparently replaced by:

Haliclona (Reniera) cinerea (Grant, 1826) in the Atlantic.

Haliclona permollisimilis Hoshino, 1981 in the Northwestern Pacific.

In the Northeastern Pacific, this species may be most appropriately named Haloclina (Reniera) sp. A in the meantime.

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