Halichondria panicea

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Crumb-of-bread sponge:
Crumb-of-bread sponge (Halichondria panicea): The crumb-of-bread sponge is generally the first sponge that naturalists learn to identify, and because sponges tend to be rather cryptic and subtidal, it is also often the only one they ever learn about. Clearly, someone is needed who will acquire and spread expertise on sponges of the region.

The crumb-of-bread sponge is abundant in rocky areas with moderate to high current, and even surf. It is highly variable, and tends to be yellow or green. The other common sponge, Purple encrusting sponge (Haliclona permollis), is purple and more rarely lives in surf-beaten areas. it also tends to have a more regular architecture, with nicely spaced-out pores over a rather even surface.

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