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Family: Dryopteridaceae

Group: Vascular Plant, Species

Scientific NameCommon NameSummary
Dryopteris carthusianaSpinulose WoodfernA single collection from Paradise Valley on the Juneau Icefield, this species has also been collected just across the border from Haines as well as at Bennett Lake on the other side of White Pass. It is reported from Haida Gwaii as well as other coastal areas of BC just south of our region.
Dryopteris expansaSpreading Wood FernMedium to large sized fern common in moderately to higly productive forests. Occasionally fronds remain green through winter.
Dryopteris fragransFragrant shield fernExpected on the northern mainland mountains, but apparently few, if any, collections from Southeast Alaska.
Polystichum andersoniiAnderson's Holly FernExpected throughout the region (FNA map) collections from the region have primarily been made near Juneau, Ketchikan, or Sitka, with apparently only a handful from other locations, including Yakobi Island, Glacier Bay, north Chichagof Island and Coronation Island.
Polystichum brauniiBraun's Holly FernExpected throughout the region (FNA map), there are quite a few collections from locations scattered throughout. FNA notes that hybrids with P. lonchitis are known from Southeast Alaska.
Polystichum kruckebergiiKruckeberg's HollyfernFound on ultramafic rock outcrops which are limited in the region. Locations were this species has been collected include Red Bluff Bay, the Cleveland Peninsula, and Annette Island.
Polystichum kwakiutliiKnown only from the type specimen collected not far south of the border in coastal BC. FNA notes: "This species is presumed to be one of the diploid progenitors of P . andersonii . It should be sought among the boreal 2-pinnate polystichums, from which it can be distinguished by the presence of bulblets. Polystichum kwakiutlii differs from P . andersonii in its completely divided pinnae and entire indusia."
Polystichum lonchitisNorthern Holly FernExpected throughout the region (FNA map), there appear to be a fair number of collections from locations scattered throughout much of Southeast Alaska.
Polystichum munitumWestern Sword FernExpected in the southern half of the region (FNA map), collections of this species have been made as far north as the southern end of Baranof Island.
Polystichum setigerumAlaska Holly FernExpected throughout the region (FNA map), this species seems to be primarily be a Northwest Coast endemic (with a disjunct occurrence on Attu Island), ranging only from coastal Southern BC through Southeast Alaska. Collections have been made from scattered locations throughout the region.
Woodsia alpinaAlpine Cliff FernExpected on far northern mainland as well as the northern outer islands (FNA map), this species has apparently only been collected a handful of times in Southeast Alaska, and perhaps only once since the 1930s.
Woodsia glabellaSmooth Cliff FernExpected to be more inland, but apparently rare in the region - reported from Admiralty Island, the Ketchikan area, and Misty Fjords. (The latter two reported in Hall 2010, but there do not appear to be collection records in Arctos for those locations.)
Woodsia ilvensisRusty WoodsiaExpected on the northern mainland (FNA map), there only a few collectioned georeferenced in Arctos. These include some from Mendenhall Glacier, one from Glacier Bay and one from Chichagof Island. Additional records from Southeast Alaska could be in the set of non-georeferenced collections.
Woodsia scopulinaMountain Cliff FernExpected throughout the region (FNA map), apparently few collections from Southeast Alaska (only one in Arctos, linked below).