Aneura pinguis

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Aneura pinguis: Small thallose liverwort somewhat similar to Riccardia, but with a greasier look and feel and thicker thallus. Probably quite common in moist habitats

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Worley's Map of Collection Records for Aneura pinguis

Ian Worley

Southeastern Alaska Distribution: Not previously reported from the region. Throughout below the subalpine, although often overlooked, especially in canyon habitats.
Habitat: Common as rosettes among mosses and Equisetum in seeps (especially in successional stages), on stream terraces, over damp rocks, on cliff shelves where damp or wet, usually on sands or coarse materials but occasionally on muck or decaying wood, sometimes submerged. Climatically dry sites to deeply shaded canyons. Not recorded above treeline in southeastern Alaska.
Comments: Often fertile. The present widespread distribution plus the ability to grow in peri-glacial environments (eg. Glacier Bay) indicates that many habitats would have been available for the species throughout the Pleistocene.

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