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Thank you for contributing to the Sitka Bird Banding Project! After filling in the observation data please save your observation by clicking on the 'Save page' button near the bottom of the page.

Date, Location and Observer data

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Observation Location Name (Street address): Street Address is preferred, if applicable Observer Name(s): Separate multiple observer names with commmas

location Coordinates (map can be shifted by clicking and dragging. Click on map to specify location coordinates):

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Observation Type:
Species Banded: Band Number:
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Sex: Age:
Wing-length: tail-length:
Species Recaptured: Band Number:
Project species observed:

For each unique set of color bands observed at the same date, time, and location click the "Add Color Band Group" button and select the color combinations. There will be buttons for each of the species you checked above.

OREGON JUNCO Color Band Observations

Four Song Sparrows were banded with the following color combinations:

Left Right Banding Location
White over White Aluminum Peterson St
White over Light Blue Aluminum Park St
Red Aluminum Park St
White over Yellow Aluminum Park St
Aluminum Yellow Blatchley Middle School

SONG SPARROW Color Band Observations

Four chickadees were banded with the following color combinations:

Left Right Banding Location
Black Aluminum over Light Blue Peterson St
Black Aluminum Path of Hope
Yellow Aluminum over Yellow Park St
Yellow over Black Aluminum Park St


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