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Family: Zoarcidae

Group: Fish, Species

Scientific NameCommon NameSummary
Bothrocara brunneumtwoline eelpoutExpected on the continental slope offshore.
Bothrocara pusillumAlaska eelpoutSeveral collections from the northern part of the region.
Lycenchelys crotalinussnakehead eelpoutLikely to be found along the continental slope. A single report from offshore at the extreme northern boundary of the region, with another record from offshore of British Columbia.
Lycenchelys jordanishortjaw eelpoutCollected offshore of Sitka from a water over 5000 feet deep.
Lycodapus mandibularispallid eelpoutExpected throughout the region.
Lycodes brevipesshortfin eelpoutExpected throughout the region.
Lycodes cortezianusbigfin eelpoutReported from off of Prince of Wales Island.
Lycodes diapterusblack eelpoutExpected throughout the region.
Lycodes pacificusblackbelly eelpoutSeveral records from the outercoast throughout the region.
Lycodes paleariswattled eelpoutExpected throughout the region.