Crumia deciduidentata

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Crumia deciduidentata:

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Ian Worley
[as Crumia deciduidentata]
Southeastern Alaska Distribution: New to the region. From the SE corner of Gilbert Island, by Blue Mouse Cove, Glacier Bay, Worley 10720 (collected by F. M. Boas); and from Triangle Island, Queen Inlet, Glacier Bay, Worley 13166 (collected by J. Rawson).
Habitat: Number 10720 grew in a rock crevice by tide water, and number 13166 grew among rocks among "Rye grass" on a raised beach. At Moller Bay the plants also grew on rocks by tide water.
Comments: All material collected thus far has been with sporophytes. The ability of the species to migrate easily is documented by the fact that both the Glacier Bay sites were beneath glacial ice less than 150 years ago, and Triangle Island has become exposed within the present century.

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