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Family: Tortricidae

Group: Terrestrial Invertebrate, Species

Scientific NameCommon NameSummary
Acleris bowmananaHaines
Acleris britanniaHaines
Acleris curvalanaBlueberry Leaftier MothPossible report from Sitka could use additional confirmation - apparently no other reports from the state.
Acleris effractanaHook-winged Tortrix Moth
Acleris gloveranusHaines
Acleris maccanaHaines
Acleris nigrolineaHaines
Aethes sexdentataHaines
Aethes smeathmanniana
Apotomis frigidanaHaines
Apotomis spurinfidaHaines
Archips rosana
Argyrotaenia speciesHaines
Choristoneura biennis
Choristoneura conflictana
Choristoneura fractivittanaHaines
Choristoneura oraeHaines; Skagway
Clepsis peritanaHaines
Clepsis persicanaHaines
Cydia pomonellaHaines
Cydia prosperana
Cydia strobilellaSitka
Epinotia albangulana
Epinotia castaneanaHaines
Epinotia columbiaHaines
Epinotia crucianaHaines
Epinotia lomonanaHaines
Epinotia medioplagataHaines
Epinotia nisellaHaines
Epinotia rectiplicanaHaines
Epinotia solandrianaExcursion Inlet;Juneau
Epinotia speciesHaines
Epinotia terracoctanaHaines
Epinotia vaganaHaines
Eulia ministrana
Olethreutes costimaculanaHaines
Olethreutes glacianaHaines
Zeiraphera fortunanaJuneau
Zeiraphera griseanaDingy Larch BellIncluded on Alaska Checklist, however not included on the NA species lists I have found [1] for example). Wikipedia indicates European species.
Zeiraphera improbanaLarch NeedlewormLarva are said to feed on Larix species which are not present in Southeast Alaska. A photo identified collection from Sitka has been tentatively identified as this species.
Zeiraphera unfortunanaHaines
Zeiraphera vancouveranaJuneau