Semibalanus cariosus

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Thatched acorn barnacle:
Thatched acorn barnacle (Semibalanus cariosus): This thatched barnacle may be confused with Solidobalanus hesperius when it is small, and with Giant acorn barnacle (Balanus nubilus) when specimens are crowded. Small, isolated specimens (the typical "thatched barnacle") are distinguished from Solidobalanus hesperius in that they are not subtidal, become larger (over 2 cm. across), and have "hatch plates" that protude out together in a sharp "beaked" shape. Large specimens of Semibalanus cariosus that are crowded together (then often called "razor barnacles") may lose their obvious thatch at the base, and are distinguished from Balanus nubilus in that the walls are thinner.

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