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Family: Selaginellaceae

Group: Vascular Plant, Species

Scientific NameCommon NameSummary
Selaginella selaginoidesLow Lesser-clubmossIn Southeast Alaska, this species is expected on islands and the northern mainland (FNA range map). Apparently few collections, but the e-flora BC collections map indicates at least one collection from the southern mainland, as well as other reports from the BC coastal mainland not far south of the border. (Given the somewhat odd distribution, perhaps this is a candidate species to check for evidence of genetic isolation in Southeast Alaska glacial refugia.)
Selaginella sibiricaSiberian SpikemossMay only occur in the extreme northeast part of the region where it has been collected outside of Haines on Takhin Ridge. It has also been found just north of the border at White Pass.
Selaginella standleyiStandley's Spike-mossExpected to occur in the far northeast part of the region (FNA range map). Apparently few, if any, collections from Southeast Alaska.
Selaginella wallaceiWallace's SpikemossThis species reaches the northern limits of its range near the southern border. So far only one record from the region on Revillagigedo Island (herbarium record of collection). Also photographic record from Red Bluff Bay may be this species.