Sedum oreganum

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Oregon Stonecrop:
Oregon Stonecrop (Sedum oreganum): Collected from Baranof Lake (1963, still present in 2011), with an additional collection on the Canadian side of the border along the highway out of Haines. In 2012 a population was found on rocks above high tide at Whitewater Bay on Admiralty Island (E. Anderson via K. LaBounty). Additional records from near Haines (date unknown), two on Southern Admiralty (listed as 1937 and 1942), and Hyder (1940) are shown on the species occurrence map at AKNHP. (The latter three may be 3 collections in ARCTOS that have not been georeferenced.)

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Other References

  • Muller: E; rocky ridges & slopes
  • Hall 2010: "Southeastern Alaska. Rocky ridges and talus slopes, forest edges low to mid elevation. Uncommon."

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Other than the Baranof Lake collection (and more recent Admiralty Island report), all others of this species north of Vancouver Island are on the continental side of the coastal mountains. Given what is known of the occurrence of this plant in Southeast Alaska, there does not seem to be an especially probable explanation for its presence. Primary options seem to be:

  1. It is the remains of a population that was present in ice age refugia
  2. It was introduced by non-human means at some point since the last ice age but other nearby/coastal populations either no longer exist, exist but have not yet been found, or were never there
  3. It was introduced by human means, probably during the early 1900s when there was a decent-sized settlement at Baranof Warm Springs