Rhododendron camtschaticum

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Kamchatka Rhododendron (Rhododendron camtschaticum): Only three collections in ARCTOS, all from the northwestern part of the region (from Yakobi Island to Yakutat). Additional reports from Mt. Edgecumbe (2009, photo) and northern Chichagof Island (near Elfin Cove). Hall reports this species is present in the mountains above Juneau.

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Other References

  • Muller: [as ssp. camtschaticum] NW; forest edge, heath
  • Hall 2010: "Scattered populations in northern southeastern Alaska including mountains above Juneau, west to Aleutians north to Denali Park and Nome. Rocky well drained sites in alpine meadows. Common in Cordova area and Aleutians."

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