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Family: Papaveraceae

Group: Vascular Plant, Species

Scientific NameCommon NameSummary
Corydalis aureaGolden corydalisOnly two collections in ARCTOS from Southeast Alaska, both from a little north of Haines. Hulten's map indicates records from the vicinity of Skagway as well.
Corydalis paucifloraFew-flowered corydalisA single collection in ARCTOS from the Klondike Highway outside of Skagway. There is at least one collection from just across the border along the Haines Highway mapped on e-Flora BC.
Papaver alboroseumPale PoppyA 1977 collection mapped in eFlora BC from the nunataks on the BC side of the Juneau icefield is the only record from near the region.
Papaver lapponicumLapland PoppyCollection from the Haines triangle in BC. Given the overall distribution of this species, if it occurs, it is probably only at the very margins.
Papaver macouniiMacoun's PoppyNo georeferenced collections in ARCTOS from the region. The FNA map suggests this species range southeastern boundary sweeps down from southern Yukon territory to the Alaskan coast near Prince William Sound.
Papaver mcconnelliiMcConnell's PoppyThree 2004 collections from Chichagof Island in ARCTOS are the only records of this species in the region. They were collected from areas with limestone and represent significant range extensions.
Papaver radicatumAlpine PoppyA single collection from Baranof Island is all that is georeferenced in ARCTOS under this species.

Additional records from just across the border in British Columbia are indicated on the eFlora BC map.

There is a Bear Mountain (Baranof Island) Papaver collection not identified to species.

See also McConnell's Poppy (Papaver mcconnellii)