Pagurus beringanus

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Bering hermit crab:
Bering hermit crab (Pagurus beringanus): This species is a common inhabitant of the low intertidal and subtidal communities. Often found in large aggregations under rocks, this hermit prefers to inhabit large, heavy shells that seem nearly impossible for it to carry. The blue and red, often brilliant, banding on the legs is a distinctive feature. Very young specimens may resemble the Greenmark hermit crab (Pagurus caurinus) but can be distinguished by the legs lacking distinct white bands near joints and merus ("forearm") of right claw with two rather than a single large tubercle on the underside. The hairy hermit crab (Pagurus hirsutiusculus) may have blue bands on the legs but always has light and dark banded antennae rather than the solid orange or red seen in the Bering hermit crab.

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