Pagurus aleuticus

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Aleutian hermit crab:
Aleutian hermit crab (Pagurus aleuticus): The Aleutian hermit is a typically subtidal species often recovered from crab and shrimp pots. This species, along with the Widehand hermit crab (Elassochirus tenuimanus), the Blackeyed hermit crab (Pagurus armatus), and the Alaskan hermit crab (Pagurus ochotensis) are the largest hermit crabs found in Alaska and commonly inhabiting the largest snail shells such as Neptunea spp. The Aleutian hermit can be distinguished from these other species by the following combination of features: uniform red-brown to dull orange coloration on the claws, yellow green corneas on the eyes, and a single longitudinal groove on the walking legs.

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