Observation:SBBP 216

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banded_species Chestnut-backed Chickadee
Observation Type Sight Observation
Observer(s) Matt Goff
Observation_location_name 304 Park
Observation_location_coordinates 57.054084647642, -135.32660722733
Observation Date 2013/03/23
Observation_time 1700-1800


SpeciesLeft LegRight LegCountColor GroupLocation
Chestnut-backed ChickadeeYellow over BlackAluminum only1SBBP CBCH LYB-RA304 Park

Project Overview

Two chickadees (one banded) appeared to be looking for insects on branches/needles and/or pulling seeds out of the mature cones on the large Shore Pine (Pinus contorta) tree in the yard.