Observation:SBBP 189

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banded_species Dark-eyed Junco, Song Sparrow
Observation Type Sight Observation
Observer(s) Matt Goff, Connor Goff
Observation_location_name 304 Park
Observation_location_coordinates 57.053996142272, -135.32685697088
Observation Date 2013/02/23
Observation_time 0900-1000

SpeciesLeft LegRight LegCountColor GroupLocation
Dark-eyed JuncoBlack over RedAluminum over White1SBBP ORJU LBR-RAW304 Park
Dark-eyed JuncoRed over Light BlueAluminum only1SBBP ORJU LRL-RA304 Park
Dark-eyed JuncoRed over WhiteAluminum over White1SBBP ORJU LRW-RAW304 Park
Song SparrowWhite over Light BlueAluminum only1SBBP SOSP LWL-RA304 Park
Dark-eyed JuncoRed onlyAluminum only1SBBP ORJU LR-RA304 Park

Project Overview

An unbanded Song Sparrow also came into the yard and was interacting (chasing) with the banded song sparrow. Unbanded song sparrow appeared to be lighter in color (maybe a locally nesting bird, with banded bird a wintering bird?) Connor reported that there had been a second banded song sparrow earlier (though he couldn't see the color bands).