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Address Albuquerque
Author S. O. MacDonald, Joseph A. Cook
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MacDonald, S.O. and J.A. Cook. 2007 Mammals and amphibians of Southeast Alaska. The Museum of Southwestern Biology, Special Publication 8:1-191.

Number 8
Pages 1-191
Publisher The Museum of Southwestern Biology
ReferenceType book
Reference Key Macdonald_Cook_2007
Reference Tags Mammals, Amphibians, Fauna, Key, Endemics, Introductions
Regional Relevance Complete
School The University of New Mexico
Series Special Publication
Title Mammals and Amphibians of Southeast Alaska
Year 2007
Summary A reference work documenting the history of Mammal research in Southeast Alaska as well as known museum records and current status for species known to occur in Southeast Alaska, past or present. Keys are included, as well as a summary of the taxonomy, as currently understood, for most species.

Following the species accounts is a discussion of the mammalian and amphibian biogeography of Southeast, with suggestions for future work needed to fill out our understanding of the distribution of mammals and amphibians past and present.

Appendices include tables of Islands over 1000 hectares, occurrence of species on different islands, a summary of species introductions and translocations, and standard measurements of select Southeast Alaska mammals based on collections.