Lebbeus groenlandicus

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Spiny lebbeid:
Spiny lebbeid (Lebbeus groenlandicus): The spiny lebbeid is a spectacular and large representative of the family Hippolytidae. These shrimps may exceed four inches in length and are sometimes sold in mixed lots with small pandalid shrimps off of fishing boats. Commonly bright colored, the abundant sharp spines make it stand out. Like many shrimp species, L. groenlandicus will adopt the cataleptic posture when disturbed, which serves to make these shrimps a very spiny mouthful for a predatory fish. This posture involves bending the abdomen backwards over the head, and locking in this position with special structures on the second abdominal segment.

Note: A similar but tiny species, Lebbeus catalepsis (less than one inch in total length) has not been recorded from Alaska but is likely to occur. This species may be found among algae in the low intertidal of high-surf rocky beaches. Any specimens found should be retained if possible!

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