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Family: Grossulariaceae

Group: Vascular Plant, Species

Scientific NameCommon NameSummary
Ribes bracteosumStink CurrantCollections from throughout the region, though few on the northern mainland. PacNW endemic
Ribes glandulosumSkunk CurrantThree collections in ARCTOS from 2011 and 2012, two in Taku Inlet, one from the Juneau Icefield. Yakobi Island record reported by Hall does not appear to be in ARCTOS.
Ribes hudsonianumNorthern Black CurrantAlthough a number of Trailing Black Currant (Ribes laxiflorum) collections show up in an ARCTOS search for this taxon, it appears the only collections identified as this species from the region are near Skagway and Hyder.
Ribes lacustrePrickly CurrantCollections in ARCTOS from across much of the region, though they tend to be clustered a bit. Whether this reflects the distribution, or is merely an artifact of effort, is not clear.
Ribes laxiflorumTrailing Black CurrantCollections in ARCTOS from throughout the region (though none georeferenced from Chichagof Island, where it no doubt occurs).
Ribes oxyacanthoidesCanada GooseberrySeems unlikely to occur, nearest records are from well inland in British Columbia.
Ribes tristeRed Swamp CurrantTwo Georeferenced collections in ARCTOS from upper Lynn Canal (Takhin Valley, and at Dyea).