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Family: Geometridae

Group: Terrestrial Invertebrate, Species

Scientific NameCommon NameSummary
Antepirrhoe atrifasciataHaines
Antepirrhoe fasciataKetchikan
Antepirrhoe semiatrataHaines; Ketchikan
Anticlea vasiliataVariable CarpetA highly variable moth that seems to be quite common in Sitka. Presumed to be common elsewhere in the region.
Cabera erythemariaHaines
Cabera exanthemataHaines
Campaea perlataPale Beauty
Caripeta divisataGray Spruce Looper
Ceratodalia gueneataHaines; Ketchikan
Cladara limitariaMottled Gray CarpetAn early moth, flying in April and May. Seems to be associated with forests and attracted to light.
Cyclophora pendulinariaHaines
Dysstroma brunneataHaines
Dysstroma citrataDark Marbled Carpet
Dysstroma colvilleiKetchikan
Dysstroma hersiliataHaines
Dysstroma pseudimmanataHaines
Dysstroma sobriaKetchikan
Ecliptopera silaceataSmall Phoenix
Ectropis crepusculariaSmall Engrailed
Entephria takuataHaines
Enypia packardataHaines
Enypia venataVariable Girdle
Epirrhoe alternataSitka; Yakutat
Epirrhoe sperryiKetchikan
Epirrita pulchrariaWhitelined Looper
Epirrita undulataIncluding E. autumnata
Eulithis destinataKetchikan; Sitka
Eulithis propulsataHaines; Ketchikan
Eupithecia absinthiataHaines
Eupithecia assimilataKetchikan
Eupithecia bryantiHaines; Juneau
Eupithecia cretaceataHaines;Ketchikan
Eupithecia graefiiSkagway;Sitka
Eupithecia harrisonataSkagway
Eupithecia interruptofasciataHaines
Eupithecia niphadophilataHaines
Eupithecia tripunctariaHaines
Gabriola dyari
Hydriomena exculpataKetchikan
Hydriomena furcataHaines;Juneau
Hydriomena irata
Hydriomena renunciata
Hydriomena speciosataFirst state record found at Sitka on Galankin Island, 19 August 2012.
Lambdina fiscellariaBradfield Canal
Lobophora nivigerataKetchikan
Macaria signariaPale-marked Angle Moth
Melanolophia imitata
Mesoleuca gratulataKetchikan;Skagway
Operophtera bruceataWinter MothPresumably occurs through much of Southeast Alaska. Males fly in late fall and early winter to find flightless females. Larvae favor deciduous trees, which they eat in the spring and early summer.
Perizoma grandisHaines;Juneau;Ketchikan
Plemyria georgiiGeorge's Carpet Moth
Rheumaptera hastataSpear-Marked Black MothHaines
Rheumaptera hastata or subhastataWhite-banded Black Moth (Rheumaptera subhastata) and Spear-Marked Black Moth (Rheumaptera hastata) are not possible to distinguish without examination of genitalia, though both are expected to occur in the region. This page will serve to represent field observations of this pair where identification to species was not possible.
Rheumaptera subhastataWhite-banded Black MothHaines; Wrangell
Rheumaptera undulataHaines;Ketchikan
Scopula inductataSkagway
Sicya maculariaHaines
Spargania luctuata
Spargania magnoliata
Speranza occiduariaHaines
Spodolepis danbyi
Stenoporpia pulmonariaOver all distribution suggests this species occurs in the region, though as yet that has not been confirmed.
Thallophaga hyperboreaNorthern Thallophaga
Thera otisiHaines
Trichodezia albovittataWhite-striped Black MothKetchikan;Sitka;Skagway
Venusia cambricaWelsh Wave
Venusia pearsalliPearsall's Carpet MothIt may be that Venusia obsoleta also occurs in Southeast Alaska - they appear to be very similar in appearance, however on the moth checklist, of the two, only V. pearsalli is included, so until collections are made to show otherwise, it seems this is the presumed species.
Xanthorhoe borealisKetchikan
Xanthorhoe defensariaWestern Red Twin-spot
Xanthorhoe ferrugata
Xanthorhoe fossariaKetchikan
Xanthorhoe labradorensis
Xanthorhoe pontiariaKetchikan