Entodesma navicula

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Northwest ugly clam: for more photos, see Sitka Nature Photo Gallery for Entodesma navicula
Northwest ugly clam (Entodesma navicula): The "ugly clam" is one of the more aptly named creatures in the intertidal habitat. Its contorted shape and raggedy periostracum conspire to make it the last clam that people would want to eat. As the periostracum shrinks in dry weather or indoors, it shatters the shell. This can be prevented by soaking the shell in glycerin for a little while, if you want a specimen to impress your friends.

In the field, the ugly clam is generally found by turning rocks over in muddy or gravelly locales, or by looking for the pretty siphons that are often confused with those of solitary tunicates like Sea Hedgehog (Halocynthia igaboja).

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