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Family: Cystopteridaceae

Group: Vascular Plant, Species

Scientific NameCommon NameSummary
Cystopteris fragilisFragile FernFairly Common fern typically found on wet cliffs. Quite a few collections of this species have been made from sites scattered throughout the region.
Cystopteris montanaMountain Bladder FernExpected throughout the region (FNA map). Collections from the southern outer islands, Chichagof Island, one on Admiralty Island, and the mainland north of Haines. Seems like it may be associated with calcareous geology.
Gymnocarpium disjunctumPacific OakfernCommon deciduous fern found in most productive forests, often in large colonies in riparian forest. Expected throughout the region, apparently only a few collections from both the south and north, but none in the central part (seems likely there are older collections still labeled G. dryopteris). Hybrids with G. dryopteris should be expected.
Gymnocarpium dryopterisWestern OakfernExpected and probably common throughout the region, some collections labeled as this species may be G. disjunctum. Hybrids with G. disjunctum should be expected.