Common Goldeneye

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Common Goldeneye: for more photos, see Sitka Nature Photo Gallery for Bucephala clangula
Locale   Sp     Su     F     W     Br  
SE Alaska (edit) FC R FC FC Y
Yakutat (edit) C FC C C  ?
Skagway (edit) C U C C -
Haines (edit) U R U U -
Glacier Bay (edit) FC R FC FC Y
Juneau (edit) FC R FC FC -
Sitka (edit) U Ca U U  ?
Stikine (edit)
S Outer Islands (edit)
Ketchikan (edit) FC VR FC FC -
Offshore (edit)
Common Goldeneye (Bucephala clangula): Fairly Common migrant and winter resident across most of the region. Very Rare in summer in the southern half becoming Rare, Uncommon in the north, and Fairly Common at Yakutat.

Nesting has been documented on the mainland. The primary nesting range is on the interior side of the coast mountains.

  • Summer abundance for different areas vary significantly - does this accurately reflect what's actually happening? If so, does this suggest more breeding taking place, or are these non-breeding birds?
  • Less abundant on outer coast in winter? Never see more than a dozen or so combined around Sitka along road system. Apparently more common elsewhere?
  • Generally more common in the north?

SEAK QBR Mentions

  • Sp2011: A surprising number were observed at an evening goldeneye roost in early spring near JNU, including a maximum of 425 on 4 April.

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