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Family: Campanulaceae

Group: Vascular Plant, Species

Scientific NameCommon NameSummary
Campanula lasiocarpaMountain HarebellUncommon plant of subalpine meadows extending to above the treeline. All but two georeferenced collections of this species come from the northern mainland, including the mountains around Lynn Canal from Juneau north, and the mountains in the vicinity of Yakutat. Island records from northern Admiralty and from Baranof Island. There appear to be few collection records from coastal areas south of the region. It is unclear whether this species occurs (or should be expected) in the southern part of the region.
Campanula rotundifoliaCommon HarebellCommon blue-flowered herb of open areas including beaches, river banks, meadows, and cliffs. Many collections in ARCTOS from throughout the region.
Campanula scouleriScouler's HarebellApparently no collections from the region. E-flora BC map shows no collections north of southern-most coastal British Columbia. It is included in both the preliminary checklist and in Hall's 2010 treatment, but actual distribution (or even presence) in the region probably needs further documentation.
Campanula unifloraArctic HarebellOnly two collections of this species in ARCTOS, both from Admiralty Island near the Greens Creek Mine. Primary range appears to be more from arctic/alpine tundra (including much of Alaska, but also the Rocky Mountains).
Lobelia dortmannaWater LobeliaOnly two collections, both from the very southern end of the region. These are the furthest north of this species on the west coast of North America.