Cackling Goose

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Cackling Goose: for more photos, see Sitka Nature Photo Gallery for Branta hutchinsii
Locale   Sp     Su     F     W     Br  
SE Alaska (edit) U VR U VR -
Yakutat (edit) FC -  ? - -
Skagway (edit) - - - - -
Haines (edit) R - R - -
Glacier Bay (edit) U VR U - -
Juneau (edit) O + O - -
Sitka (edit) U - U VR -
Stikine (edit)
S Outer Islands (edit)
Ketchikan (edit)  ? -  ? - -
Offshore (edit)
Cackling Goose (Branta hutchinsii): Probably Uncommon in migration (apart from upper Juneau and northern Lynn Canal, where they are probably Rare at best)), and Very Rare in Fall and Winter.
  • Main migration timing?
  • High counts and/or significant staging areas?
  • Subspecies notes? Small to medium-sized flocks of both Aleutian subspecies and minima go through Sitka

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