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Dwarf birch (Betula nana): FNA map indicates this species range includes the northern mainland of Southeast Alaska. It appears there may not be any (wild) collections that have been determined as this species from Southeast Alaska. ARCTOS includes B. glandulosa in the search results for B. nana.

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  • USDAPLANTS page for Betula nana
  • PFAF page for Betula nana
  • EthnoBotany page for Betula nana
  • e-FloraBC page for Betula nana
  • FNA page for Betula nana "The range of Betula nana subsp. exilis stretches through Siberia and across northwestern North America. It is sometimes confused with Betula glandulosa Michaux; it can be distinguished from that species by its usually much smaller, rounded to truncate-tipped leaves that have teeth all the way to the base (the base being mostly toothless in B . glandulosa ). Betula nana subsp. exilis has been combined into B . glandulosa by several authors (E. H. Moss and J. G. Packer 1983; A. E. Porsild and W. J. Cody 1980). The two taxa hybridize and form a sometimes bewildering assortment of intermediates in the extensive region where their ranges overlap; they constitute well-defined entities away from the area of contact. "

Other References

  • Muller: ex N; muskegs, wet open areas
  • Hall 2010: (included with B. glandulosa)

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