Armillaria black fibers

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|Location=Indian River Trail |Date=11/29/08 |Habitat=Riparian forest |Cap Color=Brown |Cape Shape=Convex |Cap Margin=With Lines |Cap surface=Hairy |Flesh color=pale grey-tan |Gill Characterisitics=Adnate |Gill Color=pale when young, darker tan with age |Stem Shape=Gradual bulb |Stem Color=brown, pale above velar zone |Stem Surface=fibrous |Taste=Mild |Milk=Absent |Habit=Gregarious |microhabitat=on alder

Veil is somewhat cobwebby when enclosing gills. Remants on stem are kind of a cross between a membranous and a cobwebby veil. There are tufts of black "hairs" on the surface of the cap. The center of the cap is a lighter yellow tan and the margin a deeper brown. The largest of the caps was about 5 inches across. Not quite right for solidipes (the veil isn't very substantial), but not for nabsnona either (+ black tufts)