Alchemilla glabra

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Smooth Lady's-mantle (Alchemilla glabra): Collection in ARCTOS from Neka Bay near Hoonah (1979) is listed as this species. FNA treatment indicates this species occurs in Alaska.

The 1979 collection is also included under Hairy Lady's Mantle (Alchemilla monticola) and A. subcrenata in the eFlora BC mapping. Possibly because the collection was originally identified as A. vulgaris, which is considered a synonym of both of those species as well. (See FNA account for Alchemilla). The FNA distribution information for each of those species does not include Alaska, though A. monticola has an additional report from Sitkine River in AKEPIC database (other records there are under Alchemilla mollis)

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Other References

  • Hall 2010: [not treated]
  • Muller: [as A. vulgaris] Hoonah area; waste places, intro

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